10 Steps To A Meaningful Life, Yes, There Is One

We wonder what life has stored for us.

I do, all the time. Questions like, “Where will I be in the future?” “What would I be doing or what am I meant to do?” have always been alive in my head. But while these questions often raise more questions than answers, I would like to believe that I now know the meaning of my life and the reason for my existence.

For example, I know what I what to happen, and I am working on making it happen. I have always been independent, and I shall remain so. Perhaps I have not fully discovered what I am destined to do. At the same time, while I am making the discovery about myself and literally exploring places, my own life is unfolding before my very eyes. Although I cannot say everything about it is pleasant, I am happy with most of them.

In my understanding, we create the meaning of our life and whatever is happening in front of us could be the meaning we have been searching for or may lead us to it. Sometimes, we need not look far.

Greatist has an article providing steps on how to achieve a meaningful life, from someone who has found it and is experiencing one.

Read on below and please let us know your thoughts.

Tell us, have you found the meaning of your life or are you still searching?

10 Steps to a Meaningful Life From a Man Who’s Found One

The concept of living a “meaningful life” is en vogue of late, as more and more people seek to live a life of purpose, in which each day is full of meaning, a sense of mission, and direction.

Turns out, a lot of it comes down to turning our life priorities into achievable goals that are guaranteed to make our lives better simply by pursuing them.

The 10 actionable steps below will walk you through the basic process of creating your own meaningful life.

Step 1: Travel to the Future to Discover What’s Most Important
Step 2: List Potential Goals
Step 3: Vet your Goals
Step 4: Select Your Most Viable Goals
Step 5: Commit to Your Top Goals
Step 6: Visualize Your Meaningful Future
Step 7: Take the First Baby Step
Step 8: Set Triggers
Step 9: Look Back and Praise Progress
Step 10: Remember that It’s All About the Journey

–by Ran Zilca

To read the article in full, please go to Greatist.