3 Excellent Arguments Proving You Are A Force To Be Reckoned With

I know you believe it.

Alright, you don’t. Not really. But I will prove to you that you are a force of nature and that you should not discount and disregard your abilities to make the impossible happen. Once again, the moon is entirely in a different universe, but man set foot on it.

If you continue to make senseless arguments on why you are not good enough, these are my counter arguments and good luck making an attempt to find valid rebuttals.


1. You are YOU. That fact, in itself, is more than enough to debunk your endless claim of “can’t.” Nobody can be you and no one can replace you, no matter how others try. In the same sense, you cannot be someone else (so do not waste your time making an attempt). Nothing is as good as the original. Only you can make your dreams alive. Period.

2. You can do ANYTHING. Yes, I can imagine you saying it is impossible because you barely passed high school or you did not go to college. That is absurd. While a college education may be a factor in one’s success, it is not always a guarantee. Success is what you make it. Steve Jobs dropped out of college and he still made Apple. There are still plenty of fruits out there, make one yours! Persevere, persist in succeeding and resist giving up.

3. Life is magically beautiful and you are alive. You are given life and you have a lifetime to live it. You cannot settle for merely existing; you have to stand tall and live life. Embrace it and take it one day at a time. Be happy with who you are and believe in what you can do. Life is too beautiful to waste on ugly worries.

If the above reasons do not convert you to become a believer of your own capacity, think about this, you do not have to watch Star Wars to see the force because you are THE FORCE. I dare you to challenge that.

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