3 Valuable Lessons For Success From The Man Who Made GoPro

He failed twice.

Yes, that is Nick Woodman for you. Even the man behind the best-selling camera in the world is not immune to failure, but he is not afraid to face it either. He does maintain a healthy level of fear and that is what makes him work harder. According to him, he still wakes up scared.

The difference is that, the same fear makes him excited to get up. It does not paralyze him into inaction.

We can follow his footsteps and use his success as motivation and inspiration to work harder because when you work hard, you win each time regardless of how you look at it.

Below are 3 of many valuable lessons the GoPro CEO taught and is still teaching us.

1. Perseverance; dedication and willingness to fail and be relentless.
2. Healthy dose of fear and healthy enthusiasm
3. Stay true to who you are.

For more encouraging words, watch the video below courtesy of Red Frost Motivation.

Tell us, what lessons have you learned from the success of others?

Source: RedFrost Motivation