Want To Change Your Life? Read These 35 Questions Right Now!

Often, intellectuals are the inquisitive bunch.

But it does not mean people who hardly raise their hand are not intellectual. They could be the smartest in the room, they just do not know it.

When we were children, we asked thousands of questions to satisfy our curiosity, to the deep frustrations of our parents. But when we grew up, the questions stopped. We became quiet, as if we have forgotten to care and to discover the wonders around us. The incessant, “Whys?” disappeared.

Do you ever wonder what happened along the way? Is it part of growing up to keep your questions to yourself even if it is burning a hole in your head? Why did we stop wanting to know the answer that could satisfy such brain-stimulating questions?

I have asked that particular question to a friend and I was told inhibitions and malice happened. It struck home.

Yes, asking questions is as integral to our personal growth now, as it was when we were young. Questions serve as our guides – where we currently are as well as where we are headed. They are our roadmap, so to speak. The more markers we have on the roadmap, the easier it is to find our way.

It is time to begin asking questions again, to reclaim our roadmap. Time is running out, and we must figure out where we are at this point and where we are going.

Read the 35 questions raised by Jason Nazar below that have made the greatest impact on his life. They are as stimulating as they are inspiring. Mr. Nazar is a Forbes contributor.

Do you have your own mind boggling and life changing questions? Please leave them in the comment section below. Who knows, you may change someone’s perspective, too!

35 Questions That Will Change Your Life

What are you pretending not to know?

 Why don’t you do the things you know you should be doing?

 What are your values and are you being true to them?  

In what ways are you being perceived, that you’re not aware of? ­

What don’t you know, that you don’t know?

 Are your “shoulds” getting in the way of your happiness?

 If you achieved all of your life’s goals how would you feel? How can you feel that along the way? 

 What did I learn today? Who did I love? What made me laugh?

 If you weren’t scared what would you do?

 If you were dying, would you worry about this?

 Should you be focused on today or tomorrow?  Why not?  What would happen if…? 

What/Who did you make better today?  What do you want your life to be in 5 years? 

 What can you do today to improve? 

 What’s your WHY?  What’s the one most important thing to get done today/ this week/month? 

 What questions must you consider before starting a business?

 What’s the potential upside? What’s the effort involved? What’s the likelihood of success? What’s the strategic value?

 What are we talking about? What problem are we solving?

 Can you get it done now?

 What do you need to make it happen?

 If we could wave a magic wand and do anything together, what would that look like?

 How would your role models act and carry themselves?

 When can we meet?

 Will you be my mentor? 

 What will I only know about you after we’ve worked together for a year…?

 What would get you interested in our product/service? 

 What else?

–by Jason Nazar

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