4 Signs You Have Started To Settle

Never settle.

These are the words we keep hearing over and over again and for a good reason. There is so much potential, and there are so many things we can do. Life can also always get better.

We think that if you are not completely happy and you know you haven’t achieved your goals yet, there is no reason to settle no matter what other people think or say. It is our life, our dream, our tomorrow, after all.

Just in case you are wondering, or perhaps may be in denial, here are the signs you may have started to settle:

You say yes all the time
This is a not a good sign, saying yes all the time, when you mean to say no. When you have noticed yourself that you keep saying yes just to please others, to avoid an argument or just to have a peace of mind (which does not last, by the way),you are settling, if you haven’t already.  Realize that this is not fair to you and others, and the sooner you wake up from this, the better for you. Do things because it is what you want, not because it is what others would want for you.

You have stopped dreaming
A dreamer you were and a good one at that. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, you have let go of your dreams, and you have started to just go with the flow of life. What a waste it would be if you only do this because you are tired and not because you are happy and contented with what you have achieved and where you are.

You no longer care
It does not matter to you where you are headed or if you are heading somewhere at all. You are not bothered by the seemingly stagnant lifestyle and the passing of time doing nothing productive, exciting or adventurous. Ask yourself if this is what you deserve and the kind of life you have imagined. If the answer is no, you can still start and chase your dreams.

You have no sense of urgency
You think you have time and plenty of it, too. This is a wrong notion because you have lost all sense of urgency and that you may be wasting time you don’t have for the things you don’t need and not happy about. When you know deep down that you should be doing something else, go do it and stop letting time, opportunities and life pass you by.

Settling is never a bad thing if you are happy but if you do it to please someone else or to be good in the eyes of others, then it is like putting yourself in a cage and giving away the key.

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