4 Ways To Make Great Decisions

We are what we decide to do.

A decision is made every time. Sometimes we do it right and sometimes; we don’t. It does not matter what we have decided on because once it is done and we cannot change our mind, the only thing we can do is accept the consequences, be it good or bad.

The truth is, we all want to make better decisions not only when it comes to our jobs but also about our life, relationships and every little thing we deal with.

To make great decisions moving forward, these are the ways that we have been using. We hope they work for you, too.

Listen to the facts, listen to suggestions but most importantly, listen to yourself. You are in the situation, and you can anticipate what might the outcome be. Don’t let others influence you, especially when it is a life-changing decision to make because you will be the one to deal with whatever the outcome is, good or bad. Nevertheless, you will feel good knowing you decided to the best of your abilities, without outside influence. It also means you are ready to face the outcome.

Get more information
Don’t decide the instant you know you have to make a decision especially when you have time to spare. Get as much information you can, and by this, we mean the right information based on the matter you will be deciding about. Go through it once, twice or thrice if necessary. It is better to spend more time on it than making hasty decisions, which you may regret later on.

Think it through
Let it sit for twenty-four hours, if you can. Think it through, list the pros and cons, make a comparison and then decide.  You can never really know how a decision would affect you until you have made it. Just in case you need to make an instant decision, however, always listen to your instinct and you will be alright.

Learn from the past
If there is something the past can teach us, it is having the experience we have had before. We all have gone through something, and we have learned and grown from it. The same thing is true when it comes to decision making. Look back and apply some of the lessons you have learned, whether from making a good or a bad decision. This way, each decision you would make would have been thought through and would serve its purpose.

In the end, whether a decision has worked in your favor or not, remember that there is always a chance to learn and grow.

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