4 Ways To Turn “Can” Into “Will”

“If you believe you can, you might. If you know you can, you will.” – Steve Maraboli

You can, but will you?

That is the big question. We have always known that we can, but not everyone dares to make things happen and to turn it into something that would realize a goal and a dream.

We know it is not always easy, with all the temptations and shortcuts that promise grand results but we also know anything can be achieved with the right mindset and dedication.

To help you in taking action and turn your “can” into “will,” here are the things we know that work:

Take the plunge
Just go for it. Yes, it is scary and yes, it might be the hardest thing you will ever do as yet, but just take the plunge and go for it. If you tarry, you would have second thoughts and you might give in to your fear. Take action, right now, and don’t look back. You will be surprised when you get to the end of the line because you know will make it.

Do what scares you
A lot of things are scary, but most of them are imagined. They are not real. If there is something that scares you, do it without hesitation. It only means it is something big and overwhelming, yet, rewarding at the same time. The more scared you are, the sooner you should get to it.

Be deaf to negativity
You can and you will, but you will only make it when you turn yourself into a will of steel. Meaning, you should not pay attention to things that are not  making your journey better and productive. Shut down negativity by focusing on what matters and keep at it. You have no time to be a pessimist, only time to be a doer, a person of action.

Don’t take no for an answer
Find a way and don’t take no for an answer. Yes, not even from yourself. Keep trying and keep doing. You may fail at some point but you can always try again and this is something you have to remember, especially when the going gets extra tough. When you have the will, you have the capacity to do what must be done and more.

You can and you will. End of story.

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