5 Legit Reasons Defeat Is a Choice

“We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated.” – Maya Angelou


We are presented with choices every single day. A lot of them, whether we are aware of it or not. Others do it automatically, while some have to think things through. What we have to deal with in life is not always easy.

One of the most common choices we make in life is deciding between wanting to succeed or fail, to be defeated or defeat the challenges we are facing.

It is not always easy to win, but it is harder to allow oneself to be beaten by your dreams and goals.

Here are the reasons deafet is a choice:

You can do anything
Yes, you can, and you know this even when at the moment you may be full of doubt. You can do anything you set your mind to and achieve so much more. Defeat is a choice that will lead to failure. Do not let this happen.

You are bigger than your dreams
Achieving your dreams will not be easy, and you are aware of it. Don’t be afraid. It can be overwhelming sometimes, this is true, but it is still not enough a reason to give up and choose to be defeated.

You are tougher than you think
There are a lot of things you have gone through, and you are still here, kicking butt, making a difference and chasing your dreams. This only means that you can overcome any challenge that would come your way. Do not listen to doubt. Listen to what your heart says and have courage.

You are meant to succeed
Without a doubt. You have been born ready to embrace success and that any hindrance is something you can overcome, learn, grow, and thrive from. You have so much potential in you, and the sooner you tap it, the sooner you can begin working on your dreams.

You are not a failure
We all fail at some point, but others choose to get back up instead of staying down and remaining defeated. You are many things – learner, searcher, independent, fighter and so much more – failure is not one of them. Remember this when you feel like giving it all up.

Now that you have been reminded about this, what is it going to be? Will you be defeated or will you choose either to learn or succeed?

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