5 Power Moves When Feeling Overwhelmed

It is like drowning out of water.

It is one of the hardest things to deal with, feeling overwhelmed, especially when it happens negatively. Meaning, there are deadlines to meet, personal matters to take care of, bills to pay, life to fix, to name a few.

Life, in general, can be overwhelming and if we are not careful, we might drown without us even noticing it. To help you out, here are the power moves you can use when you begin to feel overwhelmed for whatever reason:

Take a break
When you can no longer think straight nor see things logically, step away from the situation (or discussion) and get some fresh air. Sometimes, it is what’s needed to be able to think properly and process the situation clearly. It could also be that you are only tired and need a short break to get your bearings back. Once you get back to it, you’d feel better and ready to take it on.

Think positive
The situation may be difficult and overwhelming enough, don’t make it worse by being pessimistic. Be an optimist. Look for the positive in the situation and hold on to it. Remember that there is always a solution to every small or huge problem. You just have to work on it and be patient. We say this because once you let negativity in, things will spiral and might get beyond your control.

Avoid procrastinating
The saying about doing what you can do today and not wait until tomorrow to do it is true. We see no reason to put off something unless it is a matter in which you cannot  do anything about. Do what you can now, face what you have to face this instant and do not wait for another day. It is also true that another day may not come, hence, procrastinating is something we cannot afford to do.

Be in the present
Don’t think about tomorrow or the day after that. Do what you can today and today only. When you jump to the next phase while the current issue has not been resolved yet, things will pile up and become even more overwhelming. The present is the best time and place to deal with the issues you are facing with today.

Stay focused
Don’t let your focus falter. When you are focused on what you need to do, how to do it and when to do it, you have not the time to feel overwhelmed. What happens is that you get things done, you become more productive, and you feel good about it, too. This way, you can manage and handle things your way, and there is no room for the overwhelming situation or concern to set in.

Remember, we have the power not to let things overwhelm us. We just have to learn to take the shots first.

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