5 Reasons People Never Give Up

Giving up, the easiest thing to do.

Yet not everyone does. There are varying reasons why people carry on despite the hardship and challenges they are facing. It does not matter if it involves a relationship, family members, career, or anything mundane humans have to deal with.

When one wants to fight, it is until the end, when he can fight no more.

You and I, for certain, are among those people who don’t see giving up as an option. We will bear it until the end with a smile and determination in our faces.

Here are the reasons we know, based on experience, why people never give up:

There is hope
Things may be hard, perhaps almost unbearable, but we bear it anyway and carry on. This is because we always cling to hope, and we must. Without it, all is lost, but with it, the possibility is endless. With hope, we gather strength and motivation, believing the end will always be better than the beginning of the journey. With hope, there is a chance, no matter how slim
it may be.

It will get better
It will and believe us when we say it always does, without fail. That is why people never give up. Today may be hard, but the next day, the tide could turn in our favor. As the saying goes, “It will always be OK, if it is not OK, it is not the end.” So we hold on tight because we know a better tomorrow is coming.

Life is good
Despite everything that is happening, we are believers that life is still good and the time we have on earth is precious. Once my father said that he was hoping he doesn’t say goodbye to the world yet because he is still enjoying life. That  moment made me realize that each moment does count and we must not give up any second of it.

It is not the end
Not the end but a journey that should be enjoyed. This is how successful people view challenges. It is never the end of a dream, of life, of a smile. A test it may be but the end it shall not be. So carry on and keep up a good fight. Whether you succeed or not, you still come out victorious.

Tomorrow is a new beginning
The beauty of it all is that there is a chance to begin again the next day. There was a time when I was so tired I could barely function, but you know, getting good sleep and a long shower solved the problem the next day. We don’t give up because from challenges we find our strength.

Keep fighting. Never give up. We are warriors.

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