5 Reasons Running Is The Exercise For You

“Run for fun. Run for exercise. Run for a better life.” ― Toni Sorenson

Run as fast as you can.

Okay, let us slow down. You don’t have to do it as fast as you can but do run as often as you can, if you so wish.

We understand that not everyone prefers running over other exercises and that is okay. Just the same, we would like to share the reasons why running could be the exercise for you if you haven’t tried it yet.

Here they are:

Great exercise
Running is one of the best exercises there is. It can be your overall workout. A mile goes a long way and longer distances even better. Try running up a hill, and you will lose your muffin top quicker than you thought you would.

Out and about
It is always nice to be out and about even when you are alone, and your company is nature or the vast space between you and the sky. It is a great feeling and in itself enough reason to go out for a quick or long run. It is always fun and exhilarating.

Fresh air
Nothing beats fresh air any time of the day. This is one of the best reasons why running is best for you. Not only you are moving to keep the body fit you are also enjoying fresh air which is good for health as well. In short, it is a bonus.

Running always makes you feel free from everything, the sound of your feet hitting the pavement is music on its own. Your thoughts are free to roam anywhere and everywhere. When you run, you are unstoppable.

Healthy body
Sweat it out through running. It makes the body feel light, strong and fit. If there is one reason to run, let this be it, and your body will thank you for it.

Whether you are running to maintain a healthy body or to chase your dreams, run well – do your favorite exercise often – and you will get there.

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This article was originally posted by HealthDelight. Reposted with permission.