5 Reasons You Should Be Thankful For When You Fail

When one has not failed; one has not truly succeeded.

A coin always has two sides, and a mirror does, too. Sometimes, we just get confused which is the real reflection. Is it the one we are looking at or the one looking back at us? You decide.

Success is not as confusing. It is either you succeed, or you don’t. There is nothing in between. When you tried hard and failed, you succeeded in trying. When you work hard and succeed, you succeed despite the difficulties you have faced. See? It is straightforward.

Mistakes may happen, no matter how careful you are and no matter long you have prepared. I know, life has a funny way of testing your resolve. But you have not given up, so it makes you bigger than life. Well done! But when you fail and make mistakes, do not grudge yourself or anybody. You should be thankful instead.


You may think I am nuts but here are the reasons why you should be thankful when you fail, and yes, even when you make a colossal mistake.

1. Lessons learned. My goodness! It is priceless. The feeling you get and the wisdom you learn from such experience is just immeasurable. Yes, you may feel embarrassed, lose your confidence for a little while and even cover your face with a paper bag when you go to work but you know, deep inside, your understanding has expanded and you are never the same person. You are better for the mistake because of the hard lessons learned.

2. Ability to take risks. You were baptized by fire, and now you belong to the elite group of risk takers. Well, it is either you will be one or will be very afraid of taking one. But I would like to be very optimistic and expect you to become a risk taker. After all, only those who risks big time win big time. You went to work with a paper bag covering your face for a month (or was it two?), what could be worse than that?

3. Developed laser-like focus. You have been found wanting; you made an attempt to conquer, and you have failed. So what? Who says you cannot try again? The second time, your focus will be so straight you cannot possibly miss. Well, you may, but imagine the intensity of your focus the 3rd time around! What I am saying is we just have to keep trying until we succeed.

4. A better understanding of what success is. It may be straightforward, but it comes in many forms. Any attempt to be better is a success and any lessons learned along the way are a success. It is not merely hitting the jackpot and being on top of the world; it is making the journey despite the fear you feel and the failure you have encountered.

5. Increased sense of humor. Look at that. Instead of being embarrassed by the colossal failure that was, you learn to laugh at yourself and be glad it happened the way it happened because if it didn’t, you will not be where you are now.

There are many other reasons to be thankful for our mistakes. Personally, I am thankful because I will not make the same mistakes again. Suffice to say; lesson learned indeed.

Why would you be thankful for your mistakes? Hit the comments section as many times as you wish.