5 Simple Ways To Achieve Long Term Happiness

How can you achieve and keep happiness in your life?

When we try to think of the things that make us happy, we often think of material things–branded items, latest gadgets, and vacations to exotic places. While these will indeed make us happy, the feeling may soon fade away after the initial excitement.

If you want to be truly happier, there are simple but really effective practices that you should master. The best thing about these practices is you can do them all for free! Whether you are a rich banker or a local farmer, you can reap the benefits of these simple exercises. All you have to do is to practice until it becomes an unbreakable habit.

Begin these simple happiness exercises today, and bring more light to you life!

5 attainable ways to find long-term happiness

1. Express gratitude

A great exercise to express gratitude is to wake up and name 10 things in life you are grateful for.

2. Be a giver

You don’t just have to share material items with others; impart wisdom or skills to family, friends, and people around you.

3. Control your breath

Take slow and deep breaths to release all tensions you are feeling.

4. Visualize success

Use the power of visualization to attract what you desire in life instead of what you fear.

5. Meditate

Take deep breaths in a relaxed state. Let go of everything you are holding onto.

–by Ziglar Vault

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