To Be Genuinely Happy, Follow The 5 Steps To Happiness

Happiness, as we all know, will always be an inside job.

It is a choice one must make, and something that has to be constantly made. Some say it is hard work, being happy, however, if it is hard work, it doesn’t really spell happiness, does it?

We have a 5-step-guide to ensure you would be genuinely happy every single day. Would you dare to follow them?

Step 1: Leave the past in the past.

Whatever happened in the past has nothing to do with your current life, except the hard lessons you learned along the way. Stop dwelling on it; enjoy the moment you have, appreciate each blessing and take any opportunity that would come your way.

Step 2: Limit your hours on social media.

What we see in social media is highly filtered. We only see the happy moments, the wonderful milestones and the sunny side of life. We often forget what happens behind the perfect photographs and because of this, we compare ourselves to our friends and we feel like an underachiever. Instead of spending hours on Facebook and Instagram, use the time to be productive and be genuinely happy.

Step 3: Never hold grudges.

Grudges eat you up from the inside. Let it go. Forgive. Why? It is what’s good for you and your happiness. When you hold a grudge, it consumes you night and day. It steals your light, and you get sucked into the darkness. Why would you want to do such a thing to yourself, right? Let go.

Step 4: Appreciate the little things.

The small things are the ones that really matter. Appreciate them, be grateful for them and you would be happier. For example, do you still appreciate how good a cup of coffee in the morning is or do you simply gulp it in a hurry? Stop a little bit, enjoy each moment and live in gratitude.

Step 5: Stop pleasing others.

If there is one thing that could cause misery, it is to want to please others. Listen to your heart and do what you want. Pleasing everyone will not do you any good. You are free to follow your dreams, to explore the world, to achieve. Do all these for you, not because it is what others want, and you would be genuinely happy!

What do you think? Are you ready to be genuinely happy? Or do you have any other way to be so? Let us know in the comments!