5 Ways To Determine Your Purpose

What am I doing here?

Have you ever asked that to yourself? We have, and not just once but countless of times. You know you have a lot of things to do, but sometimes, the reason why you need to do a lot of things elude you. You wake up one day (or night), and you are wondering what or who you are supposed to be.

It is normal. If it has happened to us, we can say it has happened to a lot of people as well. We sometimes lost the idea of who we are becoming and what we should be doing. In short, we don’t know our purpose, and we seem to be at a loss on what to do, really do and where to go.

To determine your everyday purpose, consider doing the following:

Determine what you want to happen
Deep inside, we know what we want to happen, although we are at a loss how we would make it happen. Sit down, take the day off, go on long and quiet walks. This is important so you will not feel like you are in limbo most days. Once you know what you want to happen, you will have a purpose and a reason to get up each day and work on them.

Help other people
If you are looking for a purpose and cannot seem to find any on a given day, consider heading to a place where you can help other people and make a difference. If you can, you can simply provide help to random strangers you see, whether it is just crossing the street, carrying groceries or pointing them in the right direction. You might actually find out this is your calling after all. It feels good to help others, especially if it comes from the heart.

Do what makes you happy
Being happy every single day is a purpose on its own. This is a decision only us can make. Being happy and excited for the new day to come always gives us the inspiration to try harder and do better. Life is meaningful, happy and sad all at the once. It is up to us find the balance and purpose as its mysteries unfold every single day.

Hold on to hope and faith
If you feel like you are not going anywhere and seemingly lost because you cannot determine your purpose, hold on tight to hope and faith. What we do, to be honest, is sleep it off and start over the next day. This is not easy if you have no idea what you are meant to do. Figure it out one day at a time. In the meantime, do what takes you off this thought and it will all come to you.

Dream big
The bigger the dream, the better. Think about where you want to go and where you want to be. This is a purpose enough. You don’t have to do everything at once, taking it one small step at a time is good enough. Make your goals happen and enjoy life. You will wake up one day, and you will be happier that you did things wholeheartedly and without regrets.

Sometimes, it takes a while (or a moment) to determine what our purposes are but one thing is certain, we are all meant to do something great.

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