5 Ways To Raise Kids Who Are Emotionally Healthy

Every parent wants to raise great, healthy and successful kids.

It is also every parent’s nightmare to fail on these aspects of life. Like anything else, it is a trial and error, we learn from every mistake we make, and any setback doesn’t deter us from doing the best we can for them.

To help you raise emotionally healthy children, you may want to try the following:

Never overindulge

Sometimes, it is easier to give in to what the child wants, but for the life of you, don’t. Be it sweets, attention, toys or anything a kid would want by throwing a tantrum. Like food, moderation is always a good idea. Overindulging can have a lasting adverse effect, such as confidence, emotion, and health when they become adults.

Listen to them

Children have a lot of stories to tell and a million of questions to ask. When you listen to them, they would be better at listening to you. They will reciprocate. Besides, this is a good way to develop a healthy and loving relationship with your offspring. Spend time to ask them about their concerns, about their friends or what happened in class, for example. Find out how their day went. When they learn to open up to you, no issues will remain unsolved, and no anger or resentment will build up. They would be happier and healthier as they grow older.

Help them increase emotional vocabulary

An increased vocabulary means they can express themselves and their emotions well and this is the key to help them be emotionally intelligent. The richer the emotional vocabulary, the better for them. For example, words such as happy, mad, angry, upset, satisfied, could help them differentiate emotions to help them express how they feel.

Praise them for the right reasons

Praise goes a long way but only when done right. You don’t have to overdo it either. According to studies, overdoing praises could develop narcissistic behavior; hence over showering them with praises doesn’t do any good. Remember to praise for effort exerted and not for being smart or intelligent. It shows children that it is the effort that counts and the ability to try and do better the next time around.

Be watchful on how you criticize them

While we advise against too many praises, we also recommend you be careful when it comes to criticism lest it leads to resentment. The best thing you can do is find out how they are feeling, be patient about it and always listen. It could be a bit challenging, to say the least, but you know your children well, and you will find the right balance.

They say raising a kid takes a village but then again, being good parents is more than enough. May what we have listed helps in a positive way.

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