A Doer Is Happy To Act & Gladly Welcomes Success

Be content with action.

We can say a lot of things, and we can make promises after promises, but all these are irrelevant. As they say, action will always be better than words. What we say has no meaning if we are not willing to do what needs to be done to make things happen.

A man who wants to succeed is happy to do the necessary to get where he wants to be. He does not allow time to pass without doing something meaningful and worthwhile—he leaves the talking and daydreaming to those who wish to do so—but he keeps on his goal and does not get sidetracked with petty reasons and distractions.

He does not make excuses. He does not take the little things for granted. He does not let an opportunity pass him by. He welcomes success with open hands, he expects, and he anticipates it because he knows it is bound to happen, even if he does not know when. He takes action and is willing to go through hardship and face challenges to be where he is meant to be.

Unlike others, he spends his time working on his dream instead of talking about it. He makes it a reality instead of fantasizing about it. He lives it instead of waiting for things to happen.

In short, he is more than happy to do what needs to be accomplished in his little corner of the world, and he emerges successful while others remain dreaming dreams, merely talking about it, stuck and in a rut.

Be a dreamer and a doer. Be an achiever and a life changer. Be a believer of your own worth and cling to the idea that whatever you work hard for, you be rewarded for.

Tell us; are you a talker or a doer? Comments welcome.