4 Common Acts That Secretly Make You Unhappy

You are unaware.

This is why we say there are things that make you secretly unhappy. Sometimes, we deal with it and let things go because we are hoping something will change, but they don’t, and we end up settling, when we should not.

To be more aware, you may want to look into the following because they could be the very reason why you are unhappy:

The company you keep

Friends make things more bearable and better, but sometimes, the same people are sucking the energy and life out of us. If a friend or family member is making you feel unimportant and incompetent, or not seeing your value and do not accept you for who you are, it is time to consider letting them go. The right people, the ones who care will remain genuine. You will know who they are by how they treat you.

Your sleeping habits

Ask yourself if you are getting the sleep you need. Or do you stay up late at night and then drag yourself out of bed in the morning? Lack of sleep is one cause of unhappiness, which is easy to deal with. You just have to discipline yourself to sleep early and avoid doing things that keep you up late, such as bingeing or staying active on social media. A good night sleep will make a huge difference in your mood come morning.

Bottling your emotions

Keeping your emotions in check is a good habit but bottling your emotions is never a good idea. When you keep your anger, disappointments, and sorrows in, for example, it only leads to depression and sadness. Let it out by talking about it, sharing it with a friend and if you can, let it go completely. Things beyond your control are best left alone. Don’t be sad by keeping quiet when you know you should speak up. Keep your emotions in check, but remember that you are allowed to feel.

Sacrificing your dreams

This is one of the saddest things you could ever do to yourself, therefore, don’t. You may not always achieve your dreams right away, but it does not mean you should set it aside and sacrifice it. Be patient with it, park it if you must but never give up. Without dreams, we are but a shell of what we might become.


Everybody hates negative people, so please don’t be one. Things happen for a reason, and while we may not be able to do something about a lot of things, we can always choose how we would react to it. Avoid negative thoughts and always look at the bright side of life. You may not always see it right away, but it does exist. When you dwell on the positive, life becomes brighter and life a lot happier.

May you always find reasons to be happy and find the strength to let go of the things that make you sad.

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This article originally was originally posted by http://healthdelight.com/. Reposted with permission.