Mind Blowing Advantages of Being Poor

I am poor, and I am alive.

That’s the first advantage, being alive. But not everyone appreciates being alive alone. In some cases, and I write from experience, poverty causes despair, frustration and even shattered life and dreams.

I know that for others, it may be hard to grasp someone’s advice not to despair because, often, there are desperate needs, and it’s understandable, but consider the following. When you are poor:

1. There is no way but up, up there.

You don’t have everything you want at the moment, except make an opportunity for yourself and get away from the grasp of poverty. When I was a child, we used to go to school on an empty stomach, even take exams hungry. My siblings and I turned out well enough and individually and collectively; we want to make sure we don’t go through it again.

2. The greatest lessons in life are poverty, hard work, and hunger.

If you have known how it is to be hungry and get through it, believe me, you can go through anything. If you know how it is to have nothing, your contentment is your edge against those born with a golden spoon. If you find it hard to make ends meet but managing it, you are way ahead. Why? Imagine how difficult it would be for others to adjust when they finally go out to the real world? It is going to be a piece of cake for you because you have gone through it.

3. You have nothing to lose.

You have your courage, and it increases as days go by. Your experience makes you more daring and willing to take risks because you have nothing to lose. In fact, you will gain a lot of things. You are not new to hardship, and you would not balk at every little setback.

I am happy where I am in life right now. What I have gone through shaped my mind and my character, with the help of my mother’s uncomplaining attitude, of course. But you know what, I am thankful for the past because whenever something gets unbalanced, I square my shoulder and say, “I have gone through worse so bring it on.”

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