It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done

Bend the impossible.

Do you think it can be done? Yes, you are right.

This can only happen, however, if we always strive to make the impossible possible. Do you know the common trait among the world’s greatest inventors? Being a visionary and not accepting no or impossible for an answer. If there is no way to make it happen, they make a way. They create. They make something out of nothing. They never give up, and that is the end of it – no excuses, no waiting for the right moment – they just do and do it the best way they know how.

Have you ever thought what life would’ve been if the Wright brothers just accepted the fact that it’s impossible to create a machine that will make air travel possible? Can you imagine the struggle of people wanting and needing to have international and even local travels in a convenient, efficient and the fastest way? Had it not been for them, traveling may not be the same as it is today.

We’ve read a lot of success stories about people who just had a different way of thinking—those who’ve always challenged the status quo. Those who are always seeking for the ultimate truth, and those who will not accept impossibility. They are the same people who have changed the world, broke barriers. Some are still making waves, improving lives.

There’s a reason why these men are written in history. They had a vision and made them happen. They had big dreams and made them come true. They know it would take hard work and work hard they did because they were aware that it was the only way it would happen.

If you want to make your dent in this world, be a visionary. Use your imagination, and turn every impossible into reality. Be the best you can be and never settle for anything less than you deserve and can do.