An Inspiration For Survival, Acceptance and Confidence

There is a reason to get back up each time.

While it is true that it may not always be easy, it can always be done. As we have heard over a thousand times before, perhaps more, there is always a choice. This time, when something happens, you either be on top of it, taking charge of the situation or under it, being overwhelmed and simply giving up.

Most people give up, and a few hold on until things get better. You are not most people, and you aren’t easy to dissuade, are you?

Buzzfeed has ‘Dear Buzzfeed’ videos recounting real life stories. One of these stories is Shalom’s, a fire survivor who had gone through a lot before she regained her confidence and stopped caring about what other people think about her.

What a display of courage, self-acceptance and confidence she has shown! She sees that there is beauty in everything, and it does not matter how you look like, what matters is that you accept yourself first and be an inspiration to others.

Watch the video below and spread the courage and confidence and that no matter what happens, it always turns out OK in the end.

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Source: BuzzFeedVideo