Are You Sabotaging Yourself? Let’s Find Out

Are your actions making you better?

Or are they doing you harm because you are sabotaging yourself? Sometimes, it is hard to realize that what you are doing is causing more damage than good.

To determine if you are sabotaging yourself, here are the things you need to watch out for:

Comparing yourself to others
One of the easiest ways to destroy yourself is to compare yourself to others. Remember, there is no comparison. Everyone is perfectly flawed and such is the reason why everybody is unique. Be yourself and always be the best you can be. This way, you are not hindering your success and your personal growth. Do this, and you will become a better person than you ever were.

Unwillingness to move on
When something happens, the best thing we can do is move on, remember the lesson and forget the past. Don’t dwell on it because it is already beyond your control. Besides, you deserve so much more than wallowing in self-pity and forever wondering what could have been. Live today and make the most out of each moment you’ve got.

Being lazy
To succeed, one has to take action and not settle for mediocrity. It is not always easy, but determination is the key. Easy means settling for what is in front of you instead of going out there to leave no stone unturned. Be a person of action, and you will go places you have never imagined before.

Living in fear
It can be scary out there. Life itself is scary in its vastness and unpredictability. But that is the beauty of it, isn’t it? Don’t be afraid to do what you want and to reach for what you know you deserve. Do not stop yourself from reaching your full potential. Why? It is because you can achieve more than you think you can and you deserve more than what you are willing to settle for.

Don’t allow yourself to be the one hindering your dreams from happening. Be what you have imagined to be and more.

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