The Art Of Making Yourself Happy

Happy is all you want to be.

Have you ever said to yourself (or anyone) that you just want to be happy? We have. It is such a powerful statement because when you voice it out, you give life to it, and things will become a little less complicated.

We are saying this from experience. Wanting to be happy is so real it is within your grasp. What’s left to do is actually be happy and forget the things making you unhappy. Believe it or not, when you decide that you would rather be happy, you will be more than willing to let go of the things and people causing you undeserved unhappiness.

To be genuinely happy, follow the art of first making yourself happy:

Care less
Mind your own business. We say this because unhappy people often think about what others will say about them, or will put too much weight on the opinion of other people. Think what you want to think and do what you want to do but remember that whatever others think or say about you is not a reflection of who you are. You know the truth. Care less about them and focus on yourself and the things you want to do and accomplish. The less complicated things are, the better and the happier you will become.

Smile more
As the saying goes, “Smile and the world will smile with you.” This is true on so many levels. When you smile, you send positive vibes not only to your brain but other people as well. This is huge because it also means that you are having fun and enjoying every moment even when you are facing challenges and don’t always get the things you want, hope and work hard for.

Exercise often
Happy are those who exercise and healthy are those people, too. Exercising creates more endorphins, the happy hormones we all need to be full of. It leaves the body feeling light and better. It is great for health and overall wellness and well being.

Love fully
Open your heart and love as you have never before. The happiness it brings is incomparable. You become an entirely different person and yet it is not a bad thing. If anything, it brings out the best in you. Don’t be afraid to love with all your heart because at the end of the day, not only it makes you happy it also makes everything worth it even when some things don’t work out in the end.

Live freely
Be free of negative thoughts and excess baggage. Do what you want and make sure they are the things that make you excited about life. This happens only once, make sure you are having the adventure of your life and that you are the epitome of a happy and contented person.

Happiness is not elusive; we just don’t know how to embrace it. But now, we do.

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This article originally appeared in Reposted with permission.