Be Blind And Deaf To Your Critics

It is beyond impossible to please everybody.

If you want to do something in life, whatever it is, go ahead, do it and do it massively. Nothing is ever going to stop you unless you allow it.

You will have critics and disbelievers, ignore them, be blind to their presence and be deaf to their negative clamor.

Be relentless and keep your spirit alive no matter how hard it gets. You will feel pain, as we all do. It may end quickly or last a while, but one thing is sure, it will eventually subside. Once it does, you are no less than you who are; you become more and better. You are stronger.

Make your dreams big and achieve them. Remember, your critics are not making the journey, you are. It is your world, your fight, your dreams and your success. Do not let them control you. The world is yours, master it. Own it. Live it.

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Source: Chispa Motivation