5 Morning Routines To Be Healthier and Happier

The most promising time of the day is the morning.

It means we can start over or continue what we were doing the day before, with as much dedication and enthusiasm, if not more.

We wish these were always true. Unfortunately, for most of us, morning is one of the biggest challenges to hurdle. It is hard to get up, to start the day right and to be inspired.

If you want more inspiration, here are the morning routines you should master to be healthier and happier:

Drink water the moment you wake up

One of the best ways to get your metabolism going especially when your stomach is still empty is drinking water first thing in the morning. It also helps in flushing out toxins and of course; trick your mind that you are already full when you drink before each meal.


Yes, dance with your heart out. Once, when I was so down, I blasted one favorite song in my room and dance until I felt crazy dizzy. After that, I felt a lot better, too. When you dance in the morning, you get the blood pumping, and you chase away the sleepiness in you. What a way to prepare for your day, right?


Absolutely, and if you want a quick way to wake yourself up, go for a run. Enjoy the fresh air and the morning calm. This will also give you time to gather your thoughts and prepare yourself for the day.

Wake up early

If you can manage to wake up earlier than usual, do it. It is a discipline you can master which would dictate the flow of your day. The earlier you tackle your tasks, the earlier you would get done, and you would be more motivated to make it happen, too.

Dress for success

Clean up, don your power dress, don’t forget to take a shower and brush your teeth, of course. When you show up meaning to make things happen, you will and what a way to do it by taking care of yourself first!

Here’s to wishing you a happier and healthier morning every single day of your life!

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This article was originally posted by http://healthdelight.com/. Reposted with permission.