5 Tricks To Be The Master You Want To Be

You can master anything.

Yes, that sounds right. If it comes to a choice between the master of one or master of all, we will choose the latter. That goes without saying that we are willing to do what is required to make it happen.

It is not always easy to learn new things, let alone master them, especially the ones we haven’t had any experience with before. It is not impossible, of course. With the right mindset and persistence, it can happen. But first, you must have the interest to do what you want to master. Otherwise, it is a waste of time and effort.

Over time, here are the tricks we have learned to master anything:

Identify the skill you want the most
The first step is identifying what you want to learn and master. For example, is it coding? Rock climbing? Vlogging? It does not matter what it is, so long as it is something you are interested to do and excel in.

Make it a step by step process
Learning something new is always a step by step process. You can’t jump from letter A to letter Z right away. You have to learn the rest of the alphabet first. In the same manner, rock climbing begins at the bottom, not the middle. Don’t take shortcuts, instead, pay attention to every detail big or small.

Focus your effort on it
You are spending time and effort to learn something; you might as well give it what you have got. Focus your effort on learning the specifics of the skill you want to master and then practice as often as you can.

Learn from the experts
They are called experts because they have mastered the subject matter you are just beginning to explore. Learn from them, consider their suggestions. If you can, work for them, even if it is for free, because the experience and the knowledge gained would be more than enough.

Do the work
Apply what you have learned by practicing over and over again. When you do practice, start from step one until the step you have just learned. Do this every time, and when you reach the final step, you are already a master of whatever skill you are trying to learn. Of course, it will still take the real-life experience to make it happen, but we are always optimistic about it.

Share your expertise
To further your knowledge, share your expertise through teaching. You can teach others to encourage learning and to make sure you won’t forget what you have learned. This way, you can still expand what you have mastered, which is great for you and those you are sharing your knowledge with.

Mastery is not just something you do. It is a development, a journey towards a better you.

Tell us, what skill do you want to master next?