This Is The Best Way To Kick Butts Yet

Love the haters, they say.

If there are some people who hate you, you may be doing something right. If you are ignoring them, you are definitely doing something better, and you are way ahead of the pack.

We all have critics, justified or otherwise but it does not matter. People will hate whether you do something or not. To give your time and effort to justify your action would be for naught. Instead, what you should do is work harder than you ever had and let your success be your response to those who showed you hate.

Be too busy to pay attention to trivial matters. Hustle each day as if you are running out of time. Break your own records until you have achieved what you set to achieve and you become successful.

Hustle until your haters ask if you're hiring.

Let your success does the talking and converts your haters into believers not by any sharp words or force, but by showing them that despite everything, you can succeed. That would be the sweetest revenge, kicking butts by hustling each day.

We are not saying it is going to be easy. You may even think of abandoning your quest for greatness along the way but you wouldn’t if you want to succeed. Prove your haters wrong.

There will come a time when you will just laugh at all the dramas you have gone through, how irrelevant they were in the first place, and you would be glad you hustled instead of descending to the level of your detractors.

Carry on and keep kicking butts each day. You are the boss!

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