You Are Better & More Capable Than You Believe To Be

How much do you trust yourself?

Or should the question be, “Do you trust yourself at all?” If you haven’t figured it out yet, you eventually will. You’d discover your great potential despite your reluctance to see it.

Most likely, you have gone through a series of disappointments and heartbreaks, even the inevitable failure at something and a feeling of being lost and gutter-level self-esteem.

I hope you know you're capable & brave & significant. Even when it feels like you're not.

While failure, loss and heartbreaks are stages we all have to go through at some point, low self-esteem is something we can always work on, the same way we can get over everything else despite the notion that we cannot. I should know because I felt that I would never be whole again before but now, I have never been this better, and whole. At the end of the day, only you can complete yourself. You can decide to be a success or a failure.

Yes, obstacles happen, and we could not help but to feel hopeless sometimes. But please know that if you give yourself a chance and a choice, you will find out that you are more than capable of facing anything. Most importantly, even if your mind says otherwise, you are significant. We all are, in more ways than one.

Go ahead and learn to trust yourself and know that whatever comes your way, you have the capacity to face anything. Tell yourself that YOU CAN because without a doubt, you indeed CAN. You are your true master.

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