Beware: You Could Be Dealing With The Wrong Person

It is something we have all done…

Negotiating is never easy, but it gets more difficult when you expect the wrong fruit from a tree. An apple tree will never produce an orange after all.

At some point, we have all made the same mistake, whether negotiating for a business deal or something else. We started talking or negotiating with the wrong person.

For huge contracts, such error may be considered as baptism by fire. In other situations, it’s just a learning experience.

However, where many have failed, you don’t have to. You can master the art of negotiation, with the right person, by making sure you are doing your due diligence before you start.

An excellent article from addresses the consequences of dealing with the wrong person. And it also tells you how to make sure you approach the right person in the future. Read on below and ace every deal you may have moving forward.

Do you consider yourself a great negotiator? Please do tell.

The Hidden Consequences of Negotiating with the Wrong Person

Negotiation is about doing your homework, assessing your needs and wants, evaluating the needs and wants of the other party, and mapping the negotiation zone–that is, the area of possible agreement. However, you won’t get far if you’re not talking with the right person. In fact, you can damage your position. Here’s why:

  1. You kill your productivity
  2. You show your cards
  3. You tarnish your credibility
  4. You risk making an enemy

Negotiation is never easy. Don’t make it hard by starting talks with the wrong person.

–by Samuel Bacharach

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