Is Your Biggest Regret Holding You Back? Here’s Why It Shouldn’t

It’s a beautiful life.

Life is full of adventures, of laughter, of dreams and goals. It is full of promises and realization of those dreams. Ideally.

In reality, however, it is entirely a different story.

There are so many things we wanted to do in the past but did not have the courage to. Plans did not materialize, dreams were forgotten, opportunities were ignored, words have remained unsaid.

Why do we have regrets? It may be safe to say we all have regrets at some point. Others move on, while some dwell on them, and suffer from it all life long.

Based on experience, we can make sure there will be no more regrets moving forward by doing whatever we think we should do. It also helps if we do not take the blame for what we did not do. There are things beyond our control, and we couldn’t have done any differently.

For example, I have a degree in Business Management, and I am thankful for the opportunity to have gone to college. When I graduated, however, I wasn’t satisfied, because I wish there were someone who guided me in deciding to study for something that would:

  1. a)   Help me to have a lifelong career, like, why not teaching, nursing or medicine?
  2. b)   Find a job that would make me a decent amount of money.

I think back on the first reason because I grew up from the province where it’s very, very laid back. When I say laid back, we had no electricity and no television. Not that it’s a bad thing, but you do miss a lot compared to modern city living.

As for the second reason, I grew up knowing how it is to be hungry, to have an empty stomach. Hence, it is natural to want more and to dream bigger.

Little did I know that my degree is enough to have a good start, to find my way into the jungle called workforce. My regrets were rooted in something I could not have done anything about. However, I could have done something when I realized what I was missing. I think it’s the same reason I am always eager to learn, to read, to know.

At the moment, I am happy with my job, so things worked out well for me. What did I do about wanting to have a lifelong career, you may ask. I entered law school. I haven’t finished yet, but I definitely will.

I am traveling more, taking care of myself more. I follow my heart. I am set on not having “could haves.”

Watch the video below and be surprised how common the regrets people have. While regrets are many, you would be inspired by how well other people handle life as well.

How about you? What is your biggest regret in life?

Source: Youtube/Jubilee Project