They Are Blind But Full Of Visions & Clarity

You don’t always need eyes to see.

If you think about it, when you close your eyes and envision what you want to happen in life, you see it with such clarity. It becomes so real you feel it coming true.

Our vision defines our future and what we want to accomplish. We are far more lucky than many because we can see, when our eyes are open and closed. Others see only from the darkness, because they are blind.

What is admirable is that the lack of eyesight does not stop them from seeing their future with such clarity.

An example of this is the blind sisters. They were eventually given the gift of sight, which cannot be said for many others. Their parents are poor but thanks to good hearted people; their eyes were operated on. Now, more than ever, they have a bigger chance of making their dreams reality. Their parents may have had a different life, but the sisters’ future could change tremendously.

Watch the video below, courtesy of National Geographic. Let us also take this chance to be thankful for being able to see the beauty of the world despite the occasional strain we feel in life.

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Source: National Geographic