4 Strategies To Bring Out Your Courage

Courage or fear.

Fear or courage. These are the two factors we always seem to have to deal with every single day. Fear is what’s stopping us from doing what we want and from following our dreams or listening to our hearts. Courage, on the other hand, is doing what exactly it is you think you cannot do, even when it means sweating bullets and shaking in your boots.

We know we all possess courage. Sometimes, however, it is taken over by fear, and we don’t know how to handle it but to stay away from the things we want to do and achieve. To help you take control when it does happen, here are our go-to strategies:

Make courage your default
Prepare yourself to wake up in the morning to do hard things, to make complicated decisions, to take on what life has in store for you. Do what others won’t and always be the first person on the line to do what must be done. Be deaf in your doubts and always perform to the best of your abilities.

Dare yourself
There are probably many things you want to do, but you have been keeping them off because you lack the courage to push through with them. Dare yourself and do something you haven’t done before.

Do what scares you the most
We all have something to be scared about but what does scare you the most? Is it traveling alone? Do it. Is it living alone? By all means, try, and we know you will not want it any other way once you have done it. Does eating alone make you cringe? Eat alone by your lonesome. It is fun and liberating and most of all, one of the best ways to rediscover yourself.

Don’t care about what others think
The first rule of courage should be not caring about what others think or say about us, so let us not. Life is already full of surprises, and we don’t need to add something that could weaken our resolve, or worse, make us turn away from something that makes us happy. People will always have something to think and say, but you know what? Those things are not about you. They are hardly about you. Do your thing, be happy, and courage will give you a boost.

Courage is something we are born with, but it is up to us to nourish and cultivate it.

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