Can You Say You Have Lived When You Leave?

You dream, and you prioritize.

We all do, and it is alright, admirable even. Because despite the challenges we face in life, we remain optimistic in the pursuit of happiness and good life. What is unfortunate, however, is that we get consumed by our dreams and aspirations we tend to forget to live.

How about you? Are you living the life the way you think you should? Or are you living it by the will of others? If it is the latter, are you happy? Most of all, can you consider it as living or merely existing? It’s not difficult to get confused with the two.

It is easy to exist, but it is harder to live. By living I mean doing whatever your heart desires, by being happy with your lot and by not being afraid to get out of your comfort zone

Every man dies. Not every man really lives.

Eventually, the time to say goodbye will arrive and when it does, would you not look back, be full of regrets and tell yourself that you should have done this and that in the first place? Or would you say you are happy to go because you have done it all?

As early as now, while it is not yet too late, live. Be sure not to belong to the statistics of people who had regrets during their last moments. It should not be an option for you.

Life is good, exciting and exhilaratingly real but only if you have the guts to live it to the fullest while you can.

It’s a very good idea to dream and to think about your loved ones but not to the point where you will forget about yourself and what you are meant to do.

Explore, dream and live before it’s too late. Do whatever makes you happy because even if you encounter hardships along the way, it would all be worth it.

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