Career Break Over? Discover 9 Effective Ways To Jump Back In!

A career break is necessary.

And so is going back to the workforce.

Whatever the reason for your career break was, do not let it get in the way of going back. Sometimes, it is easy to do so, other times, it isn’t but do not lose hope. There will always be something that will fit you and your chosen field. The key is to keep looking positively and with enthusiasm until you land into one.

Will it be challenging? Yes, it would be. But then again, everything is when you want to go back to your career, only this time; it’s a better version of it.

Bear in mind that the challenges you would be facing may seem insurmountable, but in reality, it is only part of the test to see how far you are willing to go to get back in. It may not be easy for you, but take comfort in knowing it is not easy for everyone else either.

Look at the positive and remember what you are capable of before you took a break. You still got it in you even after all this time. You took a break, but you have never forgotten the value of hard work, dedication, and loyalty.

The important thing is never to give up. Keep looking, keep trying and keep your positive mindset. Remember, before you get back into the mayhem of looking for a job and joining the workforce, assess what you are willing to accept based on your previous experience. It doesn’t have to be what you had; the important thing is that you know you would be heading in the same direction, career-wise.

It would appear as if you are starting over; it is because you are. The good thing is that you have been there before and now; you are more determined than ever. Once again, when in doubt, remember what you have experienced and how you managed to succeed. It is one great indication that you can do it again and without a doubt, you are on the right track.

Reader’s Digest will help you blend right in despite the time you were away and impossible to believe it may seem, it gets easier if you follow the recommended steps to make your comeback a breeze and successful.

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Best of luck and may you kick butt once more, harder, better and tougher this time around. We all deserve a 2nd or 3rd chance to do what we want and follow a career path that is meant for us. This is your time to do it, and we believe you can do it successfully.

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9 Smart Tricks for Jumping Back Into the Workforce After a Career Break 

Whether you’ve taken time off to be a parent, a caretaker, or a world traveler, these tips from career coach Elana Konstant can help you transition back to the office as seamlessly as possible.

Accentuate the positives on your resume

“It’s a piece of marketing after all, so you need to sell yourself,” says Elana Konstant, a career coach with Konstant Change Consulting, who specializes in coaching women in transition. “Rather than focus on the gap or call attention to what you might be lacking due to your time out of the workforce, use the space to showcase the skills and experience you acquired, both before and during your break.”

Get out there and meet people 

“Get relevant experience immediately that relates to the kind of work that you want to pursue in the future. This can be through strategic volunteering, freelance work, consulting projects, consulting/covering someone’s maternity leave, board memberships, and returnships.”

Consider a part-time job first

When leaping back into the workforce, think about short-term and long-term goals, recognizing that they might diverge slightly. “Particularly when you’re trying to pivot into a new field, it might be necessary to find something part-time or project-based initially while you gain the experience and contacts to look for full-time work,” says Konstant.

Make sure your skills are up-to-date

“Consider taking courses to boost technical skills and update certifications or licenses,” Konstant says. “And in the meantime, be able to demonstrate why you would be invaluable to the employers by solving their problems and meeting their needs, both expected and unexpected.”

Be ready to explain your career break

“Show that you are committed to the return,” Konstant says. “Don’t make it an issue because it doesn’t have to be one! Focus on why you are a stellar candidate.”

Rehearse your explanation

Save a solid answer ready to go: Talk about what you have been doing, even if it’s unpaid or volunteer work, advises Konstant. Focus the information on your skills and what you would bring to the company.

Stay positive while job hunting

“Tell yourself you are going to succeed and it’s more likely that you will—and others will think so too,” says Konstant.

Expect a lower salary

“If you are returning to the same field and are seeking a similar role to the one you held within the past few years, then the salary differential should be nominal,” says Konstant. 

Stay organized and seek guidance

So much of your return, whether you go back to your former field or pursue a different one, will be about how you spin your time away and make it seem constructive, explains Konstant.

Source: Reader’s Digest