How To Carry Yourself With Confidence in 3 Ways

There is nothing wrong with you.

Yet you think everything is.

You are not alone, and while it is the same thought that enters everyone’s mind once in a while, you don’t have to be a prisoner of self-doubt. Think about the time you have managed to outperform yourself or about the task you were dreading and managed to get it done well anyway. They were not sheer luck; they happened because you are better than what you think you are and far ahead than what you give yourself credit for.

Despite what you have accomplished, you may still feel inadequate at times. It happens to the best of us but here’s what you can do to carry yourself with confidence moving forward:

1. Stick to doing what you are passionate about, something you love.


By doing what you already love, you do not need to be coaxed or encouraged into coming out of your shell. You know this is something you are good at and something you will excel in. You will get motivated to learn more and be better. In the end, you would end up outperforming yourself because even if you do not know everything, you will no doubt push yourself harder. Your passion will give you direction.

2. Do not fill shoes but your own.

Be yourself. Never live for others and equally important, while it is a good idea to hear suggestions and advice from family, friends and loved ones, it is not a wise move to do what they want if you will lose your identity. Do not lie to yourself because if there is one thing that will destroy your confidence, this is it. It would mean that you are not confident enough to set your own path and do the walking at your time and volition.

3. Be resilient and do not get distracted.


Stay on course. Like a captain of the ship, you will experience storms and waves on your journey, but you do not let it interfere with getting to your destination. It is the same way with success. You can take a break, refuel, cut your losses, but you never give up. When you are resilient, you develop a kind of confidence that is unique to you, a belief that anything is possible no matter how difficult it may seem at times.

There you have it. Confidence is already part of you; you just learned to hide it because you have started to listen to outside influence. In the end, you do know what is best for you. Follow your heart and you will not be lost. Your lack of confidence unreasonably limits you. Shatter that and you will shatter any limits that will come your way.

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