Conquer Yourself and You Conquer The World

Battles are not always fought in the field.

Sometimes, it is fought inside you: a war that is hard to win. Often, you argue with yourself if you will listen to what your heart tells you. Do you listen to what you know is right? Or to the other side of you that is saying you are not good enough?

Not only that, you are torn between your self-belief and what other people say. It is an endless tug of war, seemingly unbeatable.

Fight. Fight with all you have got. Consider it your only option.

A man who conquers himself is greater than a man who conquers a thousand men in battle.--Buddha

If you do not ignore the incessant voice in your head telling you that you can’t do anything, you are not going anywhere exciting and great. You will never know how it is to be truly alive.

Believe me; I was like this for a long time. Every day, I lived with dark clouds hanging over my head. But then I woke up and realized I am running out of time, something I cannot have a refund of. Balancing what you want and conquering your fears is not easy. But if you do not dare and allow yourself to be a prisoner of something that does not exist, you lose, each time.

Sit down. Have a hard talk to yourself and figure out what is best for you because deep inside, you know what needs to be done. Buddha was right. The battle within is the most difficult to win, but YOU CAN. When you conquer yourself, you  can take anything the world throws at you.

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