Planning To Cool Off From Your Phone? Here Are 3 Easy Ways To Do It

Not all relationships are good.

Sometimes it is, other times it is bitter, or worse, toxic. The same goes for your smartphone. When you spend too much time on it, make it your life 24/7 (or almost), it is not good for you, your lifestyle, your health, and even your career.

Maybe you haven’t noticed it yet, but surely, the people around you already have, even if they have not started complaining about it yet.

Remember old school.

Read an actual book. Don’t you miss the smell of the paper or the genuine feeling it provides? How about getting an actual alarm clock instead of relying on your phone? This is a good way to cool off from your phone. Remember, you cannot always rely on it. The more you do, the more incapable you are of fending for yourself. As much as you should not rely on a person to live your life, you should not rely on a gadget to manage your life either.

Set a time when you are allowed to use your phone.

All it takes is willpower although it is something not all of us have when it comes to our phone. For example, when you get home, set a rule of no phone use. You have mostly used it the whole day anyway, so you can either turn it off or put it on silent mode. It works for us. We turn off the Wi-Fi and Internet connection then go on as if we don’t have a phone. It takes getting used to, but once it becomes a habit, you will not even notice you haven’t been using your mobile at home.

Manage your errands well.

Errands today are something we accomplish with the help of our mobile phones. But if the goal were to lessen your phone time to get back some sense of normalcy in your life, errands would have to be done “manually.” When was the last time you made a list for grocery shopping using a pen and paper? Or used a map, an actual map while traveling? Don’t you miss the old days? We sure do. It gives you a higher satisfaction to get things accomplished this way. The point is, do more things that don’t require your phone. You don’t need to be a slave to it because while it does have great benefits, it also takes away your time and focus on things that really matter, small they may be.

We hope this gives you a head start on cooling it off with your beloved phone and that it doesn’t cause you too much heartache.

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