Get Up, Dance In The Rain & Rediscover Pure Bliss

Be childlike once more.

Haven’t we all, at some point in our life, wished that we were a child once more? We sure do. That carefree feeling, as if nothing is wrong in the world, is the epitome of innocence. You can do what you want, ask any question, wonder about things out loud and it will be considered innocence.

We cannot go back to being a child, but we can be childlike, basking in the sun one day and frolicking in the rain the next. Look at the sky with wonder, chase the butterflies with delight and laugh to heart’s content. It is pure. It is love. It is peace. It is bliss.

Let us make each day a great one, whether the sun rises, or the heaven cries because after all, rainbows come out only after the rain. Let us make things simple and less complicated. Let us understand more, in a way a child does, when a simple apology is enough to make up and be friends once again. They don’t hold grudges, and a smile is enough to make them feel okay. Would it not be a great thing to feel like one again?

As we grow older, we forget the little things, the small pleasures such as dancing in the rain, waiting for the rainbow and chasing cloud. You know what? We can still do these things. We can be as carefree as we want to be and do the things that make us happy.

The rain reminds us of a lot of good things, new hope and a better tomorrow. While we can, let’s go out and enjoy it. Dance under it, feel the love of nature and bask in the reminder that life can always be good if we make it less complicated and let go of the things that are beyond our control.

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