This Is How You Can Be A Dedicated Employee And Be Happier, Too

You are a good employee, great even.

The question is, how long can you keep up with it? You can still be a dedicated employee and not be burned out or drown in your career.

How? By doing the following:

  1. Learn to say no.

Remember you can do a lot of things but you cannot do all of them. Learn to delegate, learn to say no when your plate is already overflowing. Do your best, all the time. It is the only thing expected of you and to be honest, no one could ask for more.

  1. Unplug

Think about it, you have been working behind the computer all week and online most of the time. It would not hurt to unplug from the bustle of work once in a while, or during weekends. Turn off your phone, take long walks and catch up with friends, face to face. It will do you good and certainly recharge you for another hectic week and to kick butt once more.

  1. Be gentle with yourself.

You are doing your best and while you always mean well, you are not perfect. You will make mistakes and that is OK. The important thing is to be gentle with yourself when it happens and do better next time. Do not beat yourself. What has happened, happened and you can only learn from experience.

  1. Schedule a “me” time.

Take care of yourself. Pamper and treat yourself. Be alone whenever you want to. If you want to stay home instead of going out with friends one Saturday, do it. Never apologize for it because it is necessary and you can never truly care for your loved ones when you are depleted.

You can do it. Remember you are strong and capable. You would be happy and successful at work and achieve the same in your personal life.

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