Do Everything You Can Or Do Not Bother

A half-baked cake won’t cut it.

People succeed and break barriers because they give it everything they have and then they give some more. It is because they know what has to be done to achieve their goals and they believe that they have what it takes to make it all happen, big or small.

Think about this; if you ask someone to do something, and it was done half-heartedly, you will not be happy with the outcome, would you? It is the same thing as you doing something, with following your dreams and wanting to succeed.  If you are at it with half dedication and half attention, you will do a mediocre job. You will also see half of the results you have envisioned.

The reality is, you certainly cannot eat your favorite cake half-baked! You pay good money and have a high expectation when it comes to quality and taste. When you receive something less than you expect, you will be disappointed and will most likely not buy from the same baker.

The same thing is true when it comes to what you do. Nobody likes a job done that is less than your best. It applies to your dreams and aspirations as well. You will not achieve your goals if your heart is not into it. So, when you dream, dream big. If you want to go places, go with a bang, and you’d arrive with fireworks. If you plan to do something less than your best, less than what you have got, you might as well forget it and do something your heart sings about.

Your mindset should be waking up each day with no time to be average. Go at it with full force and success will come down pouring, perhaps more than you’d ever expect.

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