It’s Time To Do What You Can’t

Biggest challenge ever?

Or would you say, challenge accepted?

You have been putting off a lot of things because you think you cannot. You are afraid to try. You are scared to get out there and explore. You are worried about what other people might say. You are dreading disapproval. The doubt is much bigger than your dreams, or so you think.

If you’d let us, we will tell you this. It’s time to do what you can’t because:

Your fear is irrational and has nothing to do with your dreams.

You are more capable than you dare to acknowledge and accept.

You can take more than you ever think you could.

You can handle anything with your grit.

You were born to make things happen.

You can be among the stars.

You can be the star.

Do you believe us yet?

Let us add:

You have gone through a lot, whereas others may have folded, you are still here, thriving.

You have felt pain, and yet it hasn’t broken you.

You made mistakes, and you are still whole.

You experienced failure at some point, and you still have big dreams.

You know sadness yet it hasn’t dampened your spirit.

Are we warming up yet?

You are brave, and you know it.

You managed a lot of things, and although you may have been scratched, you wear your wound and scar with pride.

You have already gone far, compared to where you were before.

You have experience.

You have greater wisdom.

Having said all that, we encourage you to do what you think you can’t because the truth is, you can. Do it now, and you would ask yourself why you haven’t done it earlier than you should have.

Still, no regrets, right? The important thing is you are now ready to do the things you thought you can’t.

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