Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Irresistible Person?

You already know the answer.

The best thing you can do to be irresistible is be yourself. That is the greatest compliment you can give to yourself and others. By doing so, you also expect and allow others to be themselves, and act accordingly so.

It is easier said than done, of course, since most people have the habit of unreasonably pleasing others. It could be fatal, not in a literal sense but to your identity. You cannot waste a lifetime making sure others approve of you, when you, in fact, deep inside, do not approve of your people pleasing personality.

I mean, don’t you think it has gone on enough? Why not please yourself for a change? Yes, you do have what it takes to be irresistible. The problem is, you don’t know it yet. Perhaps unconsciously, you do, but you fight your irresistibility as if it is your worst enemy. You then exude an aura that is easy to resist because it is what you are projecting.

No matter, you can enhance the irresistibility in you by following the secrets of irresistible people. Read on and learn, courtesy of

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11 Secrets of Irresistible People

Since being irresistible isn’t the result of dumb luck, it’s time to study the habits of irresistible people so that you can use them to your benefit. Get ready to say “hello” to a new, more irresistible you.

  1. Irresistible people treat EVERYONE with respect.
  2. Irresistible people follow the Platinum Rule.
  3. Irresistible people ditch the small talk.
  4. Irresistible people focus on people more than anything else.
  5. Irresistible people don’t try too hard.
  6. Irresistible people recognize the difference between fact and opinion.
  7. Irresistible people are authentic.
  8. Irresistible people have integrity.
  9. Irresistible people smile.
  10. Irresistible people make an effort to look their best (just not too much of an effort).
  11. Irresistible people find reasons to love life.

Bringing It All Together

They think about other people more than they think about themselves, and they make other people feel liked, respected, understood and seen.

–by Travis Bradberry

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