Dream Big, Take A Chance, Be The Hero

Don’t let your life and dream pass you by.

We are given one life; that is true, but when it comes to opportunities and possibilities, these are endless but only if we know how to look and acknowledge them.

Take as many chances as you can. Write your own story, produce your own movie, be the hero you want to emulate. Do not let your time, your life and your dreams be nothing but flashbacks of regret. You are more than that, and you are worth more than you think.

Build your confidence and gain momentum. Choose to be motivated instead of being dragged into the land of wonderings. Have no time for those, make time to dream and act and achieve. Do what you want to do and excel. If you don’t, and you have given it your best shot, try and take a chance on something else until you find what your are looking for.

Find ways to win instead of wallowing in melancholy because others seem better off. Perhaps they are—but perhaps it is because they took chances and worked so hard they have not seen the light of day in a long time.

What are you waiting for?

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Source: Nick B