Dream On, Ignite The Fire In You and Leave It Burning

“Will” it and it will come true.

I once told my colleagues the same phrase, and I still stand by it. It has worked for me countless of times, and it still does.

Don’t get me wrong. It is not that I only say the words and then things magically happen. No, but wouldn’t it be grand if they did? Whenever I say those words, I feel the power in me, the courage to do things I normally would not and the belief that things will fall into place. Others may say it is a coincidence, but if you have worked hard enough, coincidence or not, things will be better for you and your dreams will start coming true.

Nobody could ever question or underestimate the power of will and belief. These things keep you going. They fuel your desire. You find ways to do things better until you become better.

Why are others successful and others are not? The power of positive thinking has something to do with it. When you see the good despite the existence of the bad, there is still a chance to turn it around. So long as you keep the fire inside you alive, you will find a way to continue dreaming and working on them.

Nobody is going to stop you. No one can, except yourself. There may be a time when your fire would flicker, but as long as you do not let it die, you will emerge whole. So go and find your own way and be the best version of you.

Be passionate. Be a dreamer. Be successful. Be bright hot in pursuing your goals.

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Source: Absolute Motivation