Excellent Reasons Not To Be Sorry

We love to say sorry.

But it does not always mean we are sorry. There, it’s out. Can we make a justified rebuttal? Maybe or maybe not. It does not even matter.

On to the relevant matters. We have seen a video of Prince Ea, making an apology to the future generations for ruining the planet, for the missing trees, for the declining number of wildlife. It is all because this generation has taken advantage of the gift of nature, with almost nothing left for the generation yet unborn.

While we have time, let us do things we would not be sorry about. Let the possibility of grim future motivate us to take action right now.

About nature:

            1. Conserve water.
           2. Respect nature, its trees, and habitats.
           3. Reuse, reduce, recycle.
           4. Don’t leave your trash behind.
           5. Plant trees!

About life:

          1. Work hard and play hard.
          2. Make things happen.
          3. Have faith and always believe.
          4. Trust that you can and everything is going to be OK.
          5. Be happy!

There you go. Instead of feeling sorry for what we have done in the past, we should do things we should not be sorry about and make up for what we did.

Watch Prince Ea’s video below and let us know your thoughts.

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Source: Prince Ea