Excuses Never Get You Anywhere, Big Dreams Do

Dreams and excuses?

They are planets apart. They are nowhere near each other. But sometimes, excuses take precedence over our dreams. Why is that?

It is safe to presume that excuses are easier to have. Excuses delay facing our fears and failure. What we don’t realize, however, is that the same excuses make us total failures. The very thing we are frightened of are the same thing that gets in our way.

Focus and think about it. What is more important to you? The excuses you make or your big dreams. Excuses will never take you places (except at the bottom), excuses will never make you happy (you only get regrets).

Are your excuses more important than your dreams?

Whereas, your dreams, your big dreams, can take you wherever you want to go! It leads you to do whatever it is that makes your mind tick, and your heart beats faster. It makes you alive. It ignites your very soul to succeed. It is too beautiful to waste on lame excuses.

When something unpredictable happens, do not make an excuse why it is impossible to rectify. Think of a reason to make it right. There is always a way, find it.

No excuse is ever valid for a person with dreams bigger than himself. He finds the way even when it’s dark and seemingly hopeless.

That is how different dreams from excuses are. We know what matters more. We have always known. Excuses are for the weak, and you definitely aren’t.

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