3 Excuses That Slow You Down and Hold You Back

The only thing holding you back? Excuses!

Opportunities abound every single day. While it is understandable that we cannot take all of them as they come, we believe it is not an excuse to let all of them pass you by.

But this could change if you are willing enough to put in the effort and most of all, to stop making excuses. But how do you do that when it is something you have gotten used to?

We can help by identifying the common excuses that slow you down or worse, hold you back from your potential. Here are the common excuses you should ax once and for all if you want something to happen in your life.

You say you are not good enough.

Of course, you are. You are good enough for anything; you just have to trust yourself and believe you are. The longer you keep making this excuse, the longer you wait for something to happen that may not happen at all. Whatever comes your way, go ahead and give it a good try. If you don’t succeed, you will learn, and that is still a win.

You say you will do it when you are ready.

You are ready, right now. You don’t need to wait for any signs or reasons; you just need to go at it. Stop waiting for the perfect time because it may not arrive.

You say you are afraid to do it.

Don’t be. Admittedly, everyone has doubts, but not everyone dwells on them. Rather, they use it as a reason to try things anyway. After all, it is the only way to discover what you are capable of, how much you can endure and what lessons life is trying to teach you. We know it is not always easy but we also know not everything is impossible. We can always make it happen if we face our fear instead.

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