Would You Spend Life Not Exploring Your Big Dreams?

It hardly matters how long the life span is.

The quality of life lived does. Do you ever wonder if you are living the life you actually envision? Or are you following the dreams you want to become reality? Or is it perhaps someone’s else’s dream, for someone else’s reality?

The video created by Mulligan Brothers Motivation says,

“The average person dies at 25 but is buried at 75.”

Can we dispute this? I doubt we can, because most of us are guilty of dying at 25, and even at a younger age. We do things we are not happy doing. We please people. Worst of all, we forget ourselves.

We disregard the fact that we have big dreams, with an even greater potential. We think great ideas, but we are afraid to see them come to life. Either that or we just let life go on without a fight.

Let us not waste our life. Wake up from the long slumber and live for a change. The time is now.

Need more shot of motivation? Check out the video below and as always, comments welcome.

Source: Mulligan Brothers Motivation