When You Fail & Get Up, It’s Progress, Staying Down Is A Choice

Progress happens in the smallest of things.

It is waking up with a renewed energy. It is showing up despite wanting to bolt and run away faster than a lightning. It is taking the high road. It is learning to appreciate what life has to offer despite the accompanying challenges it presents.

Progress is owning up your mistakes instead of looking for someone to take the blame. It is being your own person, be damned whatever others think. It is what you do when you fall and hit the ground.


Would you decide to stay there or get up, over and over again until you make it right? Are you willing to try, again and again until you finally achieve what you have been working so hard for?

If you are not afraid to fall and start again, you are making progress. You are not losing the battle. In fact, you are winning the race, no matter how slow you are running.

The choice of quitting is easy, staying down is tempting, and mediocre is what everyone settles for. But why would you? Why? Take the hit and hit back. Hit harder. Your progress is decided by you, not by others. You should only have one option, and that is to keep going, no matter how ludicrous it may seem.

Progress is you. Remember that.

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