Failure Is On Your Way To Success, The Harder It Is, The Greater Your Reward

You can plan ahead.

Maybe even lay out the best plan a man could ever have, but it does not exempt you from facing the challenges of failure along the way. Whatever you do, it is on your way to test you, to mock your resilience, to laugh at your persistence and to shatter your big dreams.

The good news is, you can get through failure—if you want success bad enough, if you covet being the best, and if your dreams are bigger than your fear. You can overcome anything that would come your way, no matter what.

Perhaps you will think of just abandoning your quest for a better life, or simply give up, because I tell you, it will get hard and tricky, confusing and frustrating, but giving up will not get you anywhere. Remember, the sun shines after the rain, without fail, even the rainbow shows up to light up the sky.

Who is to say that your life will not be better after failure? Just hang on, keep fighting, believe that you can get through it and soon enough, you will be where you have always wanted to be, and more. That is the reward of courage and tenacity to get what you want and to claim what you highly deserve.

Tell us, do you still fear failure?